Dragon Mainland


What is the Dragon Mainland?

Dragon Mainland is an encryption game that combines PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player versus Environment) warfare, sophisticated breeding, free commerce, and collecting NFT. Players in the Dragon Mainland may improve and develop dragons by absorbing dragon skulls and consuming dragons, and command their team's dragons to battle or procreate, as inspired by the Dragon Master. Aside from earning money in the game, users may also earn money by trading NFT, engaging in Defi activities, and managing the community environment.

What can I get from Dragon Mainland?

Wonderful 3D gaming experience ;
Easy engaged in the variety defi activities;
Token (DMS) awarding from ecology and game;
Social empowerment

What's the features of the game?

Full 3D form of NFT;
Card turn-based combat;
Map exploration + Roguelike;
AR dragon hunting;
Powerful breed system;
Reasonable and complete recovery mechanism;
Blind box;
Synthetic play

What is the game system of the Dragon Mainland?

The early version of the game is divided into seven major systems: building system, dragon system, mission system, social system, combat system, game system and other systems.

What's the variety of the dragon?

There are five kind, that is "Fire dragon, Water dragon, Stone dragon, Wind dragon and Thunder dragon", and each type of dragon has different skills, so the basic attributes are also different.

What's the basic attributes of dragons?

Five attributes : Defense/ Attack/ life/ Speed/ Life Force, which can be upgraded by absorbing dragon skulls

What' the computing power?

The computing power is determined by each battle and the higher the battle, the higher it is. And it can improve the efficiency of liquid mining.

What's the dragon skulls?

Dragon skulls can improve the attributes of dragons of the same race, and each dragon can only absorb up to three dragon skulls. In addition, synthesizing five skulls of the same attribute and level has a certain chance to synthesize higher-level skulls. It is divided into three levels: beginner, Intermediate and advanced.
Obtaining methods are as follows:
1. Burn DMS to open the Dragon treasure box;
2. Purchase on the Marketplace;
3. Receive from other special events

What's the Dragon treasure chest?

The platform will release some treasure chests every day, and users can pledge the corresponding value of the DMS participating in that. After winning the bid, the treasure box and the pledged DMS will be prudent.
Note: Treasure boxes are opened randomly. (beginner/Intermediate/ advanced)

What is a system of backpack ?

Dragon Mainland's backpack system is separated into two categories: website backpack (My Mainland) and gaming backpack.
Backpack on the website: keep your own dragon assets, dragon skulls, and physical medicine water.
Players may examine their own dragon characteristics and status in the game, as well as keep track of how many DMP they have.
The data from the internet backpack and the data from the game backpack are connected, and the capacity is unlimited. Whether or not the dragon is fighting, it will be shown in the website and game backpacks.

Is it possible that the dragon in the backpack may give you a boost in hashrate?

To donate computer power, Dragon must be committed on the official website.

The explanation of characteristics

Health-It has an impact on the dragon's HP value.
Attack-Card damage is affected by an additional bonus value.
Defense-The extra reduction value that has an effect on the card's damage.
Speed-Has an impact on the dragon's action sequence and the chance of evading critical hits.
Life Force-Affects the dragon's capacity to activate several skills continuously and the likelihood of critical strikes, as well as the likelihood of entering a near-death state and the amount of continuous rounds.

II. Gameplay

How does the battle system work?

Turn-based combat, a combination of randomness and strategy
The battle is carried out in a traditional turn-based manner. On this basis, combined with the strategic gameplay of Hearthstone cards, the uncertainty of each skill card and limited resources require players to make optimal strategic decisions to win the battle.

How do I get an Dragon?

The genesis dragon eggs are the source of the initial dragons. There are 10,000 genesis dragon eggs in Dragon Mainland. Players can get them by participating in the genesis dragon eggs panic buy, invitation airdrop activities, and community governance.
Once the genesis dragon eggs are released, players can obtain the dragon by below methods: Purchase on the marketplace, Breeding, and AR capture.

What's the kind of the gameplay?

1. Sole PVP (Personal Ladder Competition)
2. Sole PVE (Mainline copy; daily copy)
3. Multiplayer PVP (Alliance competition; multiplayer competition)
4. Multiplayer PVE (World BOSS; multiplayer copy)

What's the Skill‘ cards of dragons?

Each dragon is born with four initial skills that are determined by the dragon's body part, and various races of dragons have varied skill preferences. Furthermore, each skill may be strengthened and advanced by swallowing a dragon of the same race; each skill's maximum level is 3.

How to raise the Dragon?

1.Absorbing dragon skulls of the same races
2.Swallowing other dragons to improve card skill level

How about the dragon battle layout?

There must be three dragons in a sole battle, and their positions can be adjusted and replaced. A reasonable combination of lineups can greatly increase the probability of winning in battle.

How to breed and hatch the dragon?

Breeding conditions: Two dragons with the ability to breed.
Breeding frequency: Each dragon has 7 breeding times, and cannot breed again when it reaches the breeding limit.
Breeding penalty: For dragons spawned by inbreeding, the basic attributes of the dragon are reduced, and the probability of positive mutation is 0.
Breeding consumption: Each breed needs to consume the reproduction potion and a certain handling fee.
Dragon incubation will spend much time and players can't trade them during that.

What effect do the dragon's attributes have on revenue?

The earnings are split into two categories: in-game earnings and liquidity mining earnings (staking dragons). The hashrate increases as the property value increases. The hashrate of the Dragon is combat power. The quantity of in-game revenue (DMP) is dictated by the dungeon's difficulty, and income can only be received once the monster level has been conquered successfully. The higher the hash rate, the more combat strength you'll have, and the easier it will be to clear the task. If the dragon's hashrate is higher, players may earn more tokens by pledging the dragon.

What are the rules for the dragon's parts' bonus attributes?

The additional characteristics of any part are solely connected to the matching attributes of the dragon of that kind, as the bonus attributes of the parts are defined by the dragon's type.

Will there be any resetting stones or washing potions for dragon's attributes in the future?

Definitely not.Dragon Mainland will not set any resetting stones or washing potions. Absorption of dragon skulls can improve a dragon's abilities. Each dragon has three times the number of dragon skull absorption, and dragon skull absorption may only be used once per dragon attribute. The player can select whether or not to save this property each time the dragon skull is absorbed. The amount of times the dragon's dragon skull is absorbed will not be spent if this characteristic is not preserved.

III. About economy

What is the economic system of Dragon Mainland?

Dragon Mainland covers the four major economic systems of "revenue aggregator, dual currency model, NFT and dragon treasure box (blind box)".

How to participate in the revenue aggregator?

1. LP Token staking;
2. Single token staking
3. Staking account owning dragon will get an additional computer power bonus
Users can receive fee income of normal liquidity mining pool at the same time as DMS income

What are Dragon Mainland Shards (DMS)?

Dragon Mainland Shards (DMS) is the ecological token of the Dragon Mainland, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and will never be issued. It can be used for: payment (buying dragons or dragon skulls in the marketplace), governance (platform ecological governance), staking, liquidity mining, Dragon Raising( dragon breed; dragon skull absorption;swallowing other dragons)and Marketplace dividends. DMS holders can earn DMS reward by staking their tokens, playing games, providing liquidity, and participating in key governance votes.

What are Dragon Miracle Potion (DMP)?

Dragon Miracle Potion is a functional token issued by Dragon Mainland, with an unlimited total supply. It can only be obtained through game dungeons and daily quests completing . It will be consumed during dragon breed, dragon skull absorption, and swallowing other dragons.
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